Do you need help with money matters?

Do you need help with money matters?

You are not the only one.

Have you lost the overview of your income affairs? Are you behind on payments or do you have (major) money worries? Please seek help as soon as possible! There is often a solution.

The different kinds of help available in Voorschoten are listed on this page and you can of course always contact Voorschoten Voor Elkaar. Our social workers will help you find a suitable solution and if necessary, they can refer you to one of our partners. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Schemes/in kind assistance

Child package/minimum arrangements

The municipality offers financial arrangements for people with a low income and/or families with school-aged children up to the age of 18. See:

Food Bank

The Voorschoten Food Bank offers people with a low income a weekly package of food, which is tailored to the personal (family) situation. To find out whether you qualify for this, you can contact Voorschoten Voor Elkaar by telephone: 071 561 9001 or e-mail:

Stichting Leergeld

Stichting Leergeld Voorschoten aims to help children to participate in sports, music or cultural activities. By helping out with tuition fees, children can cycle to school just like the other students and do their homework on their own computer at home. More information can be found at:

Advice and help

Online financial test

Geldfit helps you to stay or become financially fit. Take the anonymous test at: and receive tailored advice within 2 minutes. Or call 0800-8115 for advice (free of charge).

Social counselors

Rules and regulations can be quite complicated and sometimes you can get utterly lost. Residents of Voorschoten can contact the Social Counselors of Voorschoten Voor Elkaar. They can help with socio-legal issues, for example, questions about benefits, allowances, taxes, work or debts. Also they can apply for funds or refer you to affordable activities such as homework support. For an appointment, contact Voorschoten Voor Elkaar by telephone: 071 561 9001 or e-mail:

SchuldHulpMaatje (debt buddy) Voorschoten

Together with a buddy you work on getting your money affairs or home administration in order. The buddy helps you to avoid debts, to make use of schemes and to make payment agreements. The buddy also provides guidance with expenses and offers support on debt relief and restructuring. Contact SchuldHulpMaatje by phone: 06 27 05 80 60 or email:

Credit bank Netherlands

Kredietbank Nederland helps people with debts on behalf of the municipality. This help is free. You can be helped towards a financially healthy future through the use of debt relief, income management and granting of credit. On working days, between 8.30 am and 5 pm, Kredietbank Nederland can be reached by telephone: 088 62 62 777 or you can send an email to:

Project First Aid for Money Concerns (EHBG)

The project First Aid for Money Concerns (EHBG) aims to prevent people from getting into financial trouble. The team consists of social workers, debt counselors and volunteers. They work together with housing associations, water and energy companies and health insurers to identify financial problems and prevent them from getting worse. In case of payment arrears, the EHBG team will seek contact with a resident. The help is free. In many cases it is possible to deal with debts at an early stage and thus prevent them from becoming worse. For more information, visit:

Consultation hours

Financial Information Point (FIP desk)

You can visit the Voorschoten Library with your financial questions every Friday between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm. The Kredietbank Nederland and volunteers from SchuldHulpMaatje and Stichting Leergeld will be present to provide information. Address: Wijngaardenlaan 4, 2252 XN Voorschoten. Please make an appointment in advance, by telephone: 06 27 05 80 60 or by e-mail:

Formulierenbrigade (assistance with forms)

Are you having difficulties filling out papers/forms or understanding them? The Formulierenbrigade hold a free workshop at Voorschoten Library every Tuesday from 10 - 12 am to help you. Please call 071 - 561 56 78 to make an appointment or e-mail:


You can contact Voorschoten Voor Elkaar by telephone every working day from 9 am – 5 pm on telephone number 071 561 90 01. You can also e-mail to: Our address is: Zwaluwweg 4, 2251 MV Voorschoten.


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